Canton Area School District provides transportation to the 850 students of the District through 4 local contractors. They provide morning and afternoon transportation, and activity runs (field trips and athletic events).


2023-2024 SCHOOL YEAR

Bus #ContractorDriver NameArea
1Mark McMurrayAllen WesterbaanEllenton and Grover Area
3Doud TransportationMegan FrankenbergerGrover/Lake Hill Area/Brague Rd.
5Doud TransportationClint KapichokUpper Mt Rd / E South Ave / Pratt Rd
6Doud TransportationLisa DeanAgway Rd / W Union Rd / Lower Mt Rd / NTCC
7Mark McMurrayCharles CastleWindfall Rd / Seeley Rd / McFadden Rd
8Mark McMurrayDolly ReedyGlory Barn Rd / Windfall Rd / Minnequa Rd
9Mark McMurrayJohn RiggsPreston Rd / Rt 14 / Lycoming St
12Jennings Bus CompanyAlan MoyerMarsh Hill / Pleasant Stream Rd
14Jennings Bus CompanyAlicia JenningsRoaring Branch to Wheel Inn
15Jennings Bus CompanyGary FergusonBeech Flats / E South Ave / Troy Street
16Doud TransportationAmber FitzwaterAlba / DeMorgan Acres / Troy St
17Doud TransportationPenny MorganWoodruff Corners / Southside Rd
18Doud TransportationSherry VargsonBonney Rd / Baileys Corner Rd / E Canton Area
19Mark McMurrayTink WesneskiGleason Area / Rt 414 / W South Ave
20Mark McMurrayMark McMurrayOgdensburg / Spencer Hill / Rt 14
21Doud TransportationLuAnn SlaterOgdensburg Area
35Jennings Bus CompanyCasey KrauseSouthside Rd / Rt 414 / Canton
Van / Car
24Andrew Yaggie, JrAndrew Yaggie, JrPine Hill Area

Students who live in town are permitted to ride a bus to and from school only if they are kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades.  The only exception will be those students that live in town on a designated hazardous route.  (Designation is made by the Department of Transportation)

Buses will unload no earlier than 7:55 a.m. at Canton High School and then proceed to Canton Elementary School to unload.

CASD uses "Chevron Parking" procedures to help make student bus boarding at CES safer and more efficient.


Unauthorized Personnel

Unlawful Entry of a School Bus

Effective August 11, 1998
Title 18 (Crimes and Offenses) of the Pennsylvania  Consolidated Statues, providing for the offense of unauthorized school bus entry.
5517. Unauthorized School Bus Entry
(a) Offense defined - A person who enters a school bus without prior authorization of the driver or a school official with intent to commit a crime or disrupt or interfere with the driver or a person who enters a school bus without prior authorization of the driver or school official who refuses to disembark aftter being ordered to do so by the driver commits a misdemeanor of the third degree.
(b) Notice - A school district may place a notice at the entrance of the school bus that warns against  unauthorized entry.
Penalty is arrest, fine of up to $2,500.00 and imprisonment for up to one (1) year.
*If you have an issue to discuss with the driver or any passenger, please contact your building principal to set up a meeting at the school at a time when all parties are available.

 All buses transporting CASD students are equipped with audio and video equipment.  Anyone riding is subject to being recorded on these devices.  For more information, please reference Board Policy # 816.1


Idling Law


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