What is the Elementary Student Assistance Program (E.S.A.P)?

The basic goal of E.S.A.P. at the Canton Elementary School is to help students whose behavior or problems are creating barriers to learning.

The Team is committed to identifying students who may be at risk and getting them the help that they need to succeed.

It is never easy to tell someone that they need help, but that’s what being a friend is all about. If your friend is afraid to ask for help, you can talk to someone on the team about how to help them.


 E.S.A.P. can help with:
  •   Home Concerns
  •  Sadness and Depression
  •  Problems with Friends
  •  Acting Aggressively
  •  Defying Authority, both at Home and School
  •  Lying
  •  Alcohol and Drug use
  •  Academic Difficulties

E.S.A.P. is NOT:

A Counseling Program or A Treatment Program

We recommend the appropriate services.

Who May Make a Referral?

  •  Teachers/Staff
  •  Parents
  •  Friends
  •  Family Members


Mike Wells              Corrin Rockwell

Jenna Boyce            Kelsey Weed

Jason Delozier         Jodi Peterson

Jenn Wesneski         Jen Edler       

All referrals AND information shared are kept confidential.


The Student Assistance Program (SAP) at Canton Junior-Senior High School aids students who are experiencing difficulty in their academic pursuits.  These difficulties may arise from social (peers), emotional (stress), and/or physical (drugs and alcohol) problems.  This team is comprised of school personnel who respond to referrals about students who are referred by faculty, administration, parents, other students, or themselves.  All information about the referral is confidential.  Students are typically referred because they have exhibited noticeable changes in their academics, attendance, and/or behaviors. 

Parents and community members are able to refer a student to SAP.  If the need arises, you can get a referral form from the schools website (www.canton.k12.pa.us) under the high schools Programs & Services.  All you have to do is print it out, fill it out, and mail it or drop it off to Jessica Watson at the high school.

After the SAP team gets a referral, they investigate the issue further by gathering information from other faculty members.  These faculty members complete a checklist for that student's observable behaviors, which consist of the following:  sleepiness, drop in grades, change in appearance, change in social group, lack of interest, etc.  After this information is compiled, the team must get parental and student permission so that the student can get the best possible help for his/her problem.  The parent also has input by filling out a survey about his/her child, and this helps the team with issues related to the home environment.  The SAP program is used as an intervention, not as a treatment or a cure.  A referral to the team does not mean that a student is in trouble, but it does mean that he/she is going to get the best assistance possible so that he/she can be successful in his/her academic life.  SAPs goal is to see that each student achieves his/her best success in his/her school endeavors.          

This year the professionals who have been specially trained to be members of the SAP Team are:

  •  Mrs. Jessica Watson (Coordinator and High School Counselor)
  •  Ms. Cori Rockwell (Elementary Counselor),
  • Don Cron (Dean of Students and Science Teacher),
  • Casey Aylesworth (Science Teacher),
  • Pam Larcom (Math Teacher),
  • Lisa Cole (Social Studies Teacher),
  • Merakey (Mental Health Consultant),
  • Megan Taylor (Drug and Alcohol/Children and Youth Services Consultant),
  • Lucas Bailey (Math Teacher),
  • Jen Martin (Health Room Assistant).

Below is the referral form for the Student Assistant Program