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Canton High School is a place where Warrior Pride runs deep.  With a great community supporting our staff and students as they give 100% in the classroom, on the field, court, mat and stage, we have created a bond that cannot be easily broken. We encourage you to become involved in our school and invite you to participate in the many upcoming school sponsored events this year! View the video to see how we do things THE WARRIOR WAY!

Upcoming Events (updated 6/20/24)

  • The CHS weight room will be open beginning on 6/3/24 from 8am-10am Monday-Thursday.
  • Summer School begins on 7/8/24 and will end on 8/1/24.  Students eligible will receive a letter and directions to enroll shortly. Register here!
  • CHS Band camp will begin on 7/29/24 and continue through 8/2/24.
  • Football practice officially begins on 8/5/24.
  • All other PIAA athletics will officially begin on 8/12/24.
  • 7th Grade Orientation will be held on 8/22/24 from 6-7pm in the CHS auditorium.
  • CHS open house will be held on 8/22/24 from 5pm-7pm.
  • Student first day of the 24-25 school year is on 8/26/24!
  • As you decide if you would like to purchase the district insurance policy for your student's chromebook and charger, please review the information below.
    • CASD will resolve all technology manufacturer/district defects free of charge without the purchase of insurance. The CASD technology insurance plan will cover accidental damage that may occur from a single incident. Insurance coverage may be renewed after a single incident for $20. The plan does not cover purposeful damage or loss/stolen items. 

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Important Info/Documents

Graduation Pathway Information (Important for 8th-11th graders!!)
Successful completion of the Keystone Exams in ELA, Biology and Algebra are is required to graduate. View the Letter from CHS and the graphic that explains in detail the  required items  necessary to complete for graduation. For more detailed information, please view the slideshow presented by PDE.

CHS Student Computer Issues/Questions
Have a computer question? Something not working correctly? Don’t know your password? CLICK HERE!!

Student Assistance Program
Concerned about one of your friends? Get them help from our SAP team by clicking here!

New Student at CHS?
View the CHS Orientation Video to get the "inside scoop" for your first day!

CHS Staff Email Directory

Teaching Staff
Casey Aylesworth-caylesworth@canton.k12.pa.us
Lucas Baily-lbailey@canton.k12.pa.us
Caitlin Barr-cbarr@canton.k12.pa.us
Greg Bellows-gbellows@canton.k12.pa.us
John Bowman-jbowman@canton.k12.pa.us
Lisa Cole-lmcole@canton.k12.pa.us
Jeff Cooley-jcooley@canton.k12.pa.us
Nichole Coxhead-ncoxhead@canton.k12.pa.us
Don Cron-dcron@canton.k12.pa.us
Kalyn Essick-kessick@canton.k12.pa.us
Randy Frye-rfrye@canton.k12.pa.us
Callie Gensel-cgensel@canton.k12.pa.us
Michelle Harkness-mharkness@canton.k12.pa.us
Kelsey Herman-kherman@canton.k12.pa.us
Tom Hojnowski-thojnowski@canton.k12.pa.us
Sheila Jackson-sjackson@canton.k12.pa.us
Donnie Jacopetti-djacopetti@canton.k12.pa.us
Angela Kelly-akelly@canton.k12.pa.us
Pam Larcom-plarcom@canton.k12.pa.us
Kasey Lyon-klyon@canton.k12.pa.us
Tammy MacWhinnie-tmacwhinnie@canton.k12.pa.us
Brandy McRoberts-bmcroberts@canton.k12.pa.us
Ginnette Moskowitz-gmoskowitz@canton.k12.pa.us
Miller Moyer-mmoyer@canton.k12.pa.us
Dave Reynard-dreynard@canton.k12.pa.us
Ben Rubert-brubert@canton.k12.pa.us
Jen Seeley-jseeley@canton.k12.pa.us
Tyler Sechrist-tsechrist@canton.k12.pa.us
Stacey Segur-ssegur@canton.k12.pa.us
Mariah Smith-msmith@canton.k12.pa.us
Tessa Stone-tstone@canton.k12.pa.us
Chelsie Swartz-cswartz@canton.k12.pa.us
Janelle VanNoy-javannoy@canton.k12.pa.us
Tim Ward-tward@canton.k12.pa.us
Jessica Watson-jwatson@canton.k12.pa.us
Sheila Wesneski-swesneski@canton.k12.pa.us