CHS Class of 2020 Guide to Graduation

CHS Class of 2020
Guide to Graduation


Commencement program

Senior Athletic Awards Ceremony…6pm

The ceremony will be hosted by our very own Bob Rockwell, along with Mr. Jacopetti and be dedicated to our senior student athletes.  The highlights will include coaches awards, messages and our main, annual athletic awards. We hope you join us for this exciting event.  Simply visit on 5/20 at 6pm to view the ceremony! The event will remain saved on our website for one year following the event date.

5/26 & 5/27/20

Student belonging distribution and Collection…8am-3pm and 5:30pm-7:15pm
When arriving at the school, please remain in your vehicle. Student belongings will be brought to your vehicle.  If you have items that did not have a name on them such as sports equipment, electronics, etc., that were left in a locker room or other area, let us know when arriving and we will get the item for you.  At this time, Students should return in a plastic bag any school property that they have in their possession (library books, instruments, sports equipment, textbooks, calculators, etc) during this time. Staff will be wearing masks and gloves while distributing your belongings.


Senior Academic Awards and Scholarship Ceremony…6pm
The ceremony will be hosted by our Jessica Watson, along with Mr. Jacopetti and Dr. Briggs and be dedicated to our senior academic award winners.  The highlights will include teacher awards, Principal awards, Superintendent awards and scholarship recipients. We hope you join us for this exciting event.  Simply visit on 5/28 at 6pm to view the ceremony! The event will remain saved on our website for one year following the event date.



  • Senior Video Presentation….5:40pm
    This video presentation was created by CHS senior, Johnathan Morgan and will include an awesome tribute to our senior class. The presentation will begin promptly at 5:40pm and can be seen at
    The presentation will require Internet access to view.
  • Virtual Commencement Ceremony…6:00pm
    The CHS virtual graduation ceremony was created in partnership with DMK media and features all of the stars of the class of 2020! Feel free to gather (abiding by social distancing guidelines) with friends and family to watch this “once in a lifetime” event!  Each graduate will receive a DVD copy of the event that will allow you to relive this moment years from now! The ceremony  will begin promptly at 6pm and will be available for viewing at The ceremony will require Internet access to view. *IImmediately following the virtual ceremony, CHS students and families will meet in the student parking lot to begin the Diploma procession.*
  • Diploma Procession… approximately 7:15pm
    Below is a summary of expectations for students and families as they enter the campus for the diploma procession.
  • All students (parents driving) who are participating in the ceremony should arrive in the student parking lot between 6:45-7:00pm.  Mr. Darryl Jannone and Mrs. Larcom will be directing vehicles into the correct order. The parade of seniors will begin at appx.  7:15pm lead by the Valedictorian, Salutatorian, Third Honors, Class President and in alphabetical order thereafter
  • Each vehicle will be driven by a parent (guardian) of the graduating senior. The senior must be on the front seat (passenger side) to safely and efficiently exit the vehicle. The graduate is permitted to ride in the back of a truck (pickup bed) if desired. You may have as many people in your vehicle that equals the number of seatbelts.
  • The parade route is to be determined and will be announced when finalized.
  • Mr. Cron will be waiting at the entrance of the loop and inform the vehicle when it is permissible to enter the designated area to give seniors their diploma.
  • As the student vehicle reaches the designated stopping area, the board president will place the student diploma on the table (in front of the main entrance).
  • The student will exit the vehicle and pick up the diploma from the table.
  • The student will proceed to the photo area to pose for a picture with Dr. Briggs and the school board president. The photographer will be taking the pictures and offering to parents via social media. Please note:  if you do not want your picture taken, please return directly to your vehicle after you take your diploma from the table.
  • Once the student returns the diploma cover to the table, the diploma cover will be sanitized at this time and the student returns to the vehicle.  **Due to the pandemic, the printer was shut down and we have been told that the diplomas may not be here to handout.. If they are not available, we will mail them once we receive.
  • The vehicle leaves the designated area following diploma distribution and chooses one of the two options below:
    • Choice #1: Remain in right lane to take pictures by Chief Minnequa with those in the vehicle and then exit
    • Choice #2: Exit via the left lane (opting not to take pictures in front of Chief Minnequa)

Additional Notes

  • It is encouraged (though not required) that all students, families and staff members participating in the diploma procession portion of the graduation wear masks
  • Graduates and immediate families, as well as, staff attending the event are permitted on the property of Canton High School
  • Students may pick up their individual yard signs from the courtyard the following day (5/30/20)
  • This event will take place “rain or shine”
  • Diplomas, any awards, plaques, certificates, monetary awards, etc. will be given during the diploma procession (if diplomas are not available due to the printing delay, they will be available for pickup at the office or delivered by mail as soon as they arrive)


The parade route is as follows:

  1. The parade will start in the student parking lot.
  2. The parade route will head west on Union Street to North Washington Street.
  3. Left will be made on North Washington Street to Main St.
  4. Cross Main Street to South Washington Street.
  5. Left on  East Second Street to Fassett Street.
  6. Left on Fassett Street to Main Street.
  7. Cross Main Street to Chestnut Street (heading north) to Union Street.
  8. Make a right onto Union Street and head back to the student parking lot.


Donnie Jacopetti, Principal

Canton Jr./Sr. High School